Reband Launch Promo

Client: Bundle Stars / Fanatical

Bundle Stars was formed to satisfy the growing global demand for digital games. It’s massive online store has since sold over 45 million keys to gamers in over 200 countries, all sourced from official publishers.

Today, Bundle Stars is now Fanatical, where its goal remains the same; providing the best quality, choice and value in digital entertainment.

The rebrand is part of a strategy to move away from being a bundle and discount site and more towards becoming a one-stop gaming destination with news and articles. The launch video provided a snapshot of just a small handful of games on offer, whilst ensuring the love and energy for gaming remained at the forefront.

Promotional renders were cut out into smaller pieces and animated alongside footage whilst being weaved into the Fanatical logo, further illustrating that Fanatical was and is the home of gaming.