Stranger Things: Season 2 Poster

Fan Art / Alt. Movie Poster

Client: Netflix

Pretty much like the Season 1 poster I created, I got scribbling and thinking of how the next one for Season 2 would look. How many characters would I include? Which scenes could I bring to light? What about using this, or this, or this?

Turns out I went crazy over ‘the gate’ scene so used that as my source of inspiration and a device to frame the poster. I also wanted to get the Mind Flayer into the scene as it features so heavily in this season but was conflicted over whether or not I should’ve included it. Glad I did now.

A Season 3 poster is pretty imminent as I’ve been working on these in tandem. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet and you love a wedge of 80s nostalgia, get in there. Now.