Stranger Things: Poster

Fan Art / Alt. Movie Poster

Client: Netflix

After seeing the amount of fan-art / alternative posters knocking around tinterweb, I thought I’d create my own take on Netflix’s very own sci-fi / borderline-horror / Eerie Indiana meets Twilight Zone meets The Goonies, meets just about every other late 80s, nostalgia-ridden adventure inspired series, Stranger Things.

Locked myself into the creative process for a few hours a night, fuelled by neo-80s synth and gaming music.

I loved this when it was first released and binged-watched the entire season in a few days. Totally hyped about season three, so it only seemed right that this be the first in line of a series of film posters I’m going to develop. Enjoy! Keep checking back for new ones.

– Barbara (Barb’) Holland – RIP