Through a passion for creativity, expression and experimentation, work extends beyond the 9–5, creative playtime is never over.

I’m Dan Silverstone, a Motion Designer/Director with over 10 years’ experience in the industry… and I’m having too much fun to stop anytime soon.

Operating as a vigilante motion ninja under the pseudonym ‘Pica’, I create, makes, render, encodes and upload projects, influenced and inspired by everything from video games to physics and everything in between. Learning through creative challenges, every passing day is an opportunity to overcome and dominate, often via the knowledge of others through collaboration – an exercise which features high up on the creative agenda.

My style and implementation is versatile, resolute and present, utilising multiple disciplines and realising many forms of output from static media to motion-based promos, title sequences, social ads, branding, shorts and beyond. Creating work that not only answers the brief but resonates with the audience and always elevates the brand beyond the brief.

Let's do this.