Through a passion for creativity, expression and experimentation, work extends beyond the 9–5, creative playtime is never over.

Dan Silverstone is a Motion Designer/Director, operating under the moniker ‘Pica’, specialising in mixed media 2D and faux 3D motion graphics. Dan creates, makes, renders, encodes and uploads projects with influences taken from video games, physics-based simulations and everything in between.

Bidding farewell to his full-time position as Art Director, Dan has since pursued his passion for motion design through his freelance career, which has seen him collaborate with a variety of design studios and a range of renowned brands such as Valve, Gousto, Nike, Square Enix, The Design Museum and MOBO.

His style and implementation is versatile, resolute and present, creating work that not only resonates with the audience but always elevates the brand beyond the brief.

Let's do this.