Birmingham Design Festival

Animated identity

Client: Birmingham Design Festival

Founders/Directors Dan Alcorn and Luke Tonge created The Birmingham Design Festival to highlight Birmingham’s history as one of creating; of craft and of industry, a history in which design sits at the very heart.

Consisting of workshops, talks, exhibitions, demonstrations and screenings, loosely gathered into three Design Districts (Graphic, Digital & Product), held in both modern and historic venues across Birmingham, the festival showcases the innovative institutions and rich heritage Birmingham offers.

The identity was designed by Luke TongeAsh O’Brien (Two of Us), and Paul Felton (Common Curiosity), Birmingham, and I had the pleasure in offering my services in animating it, including all of the event’s speaker slides (few examples below).

Great to work on and great to be a part of something big and beautiful for my hometown.

Super sound design by Jon W May.

I was also very fortunate to be selected to exhibit alongside a bunch of fine designers, as part of the Birmingham Design Festival. The brief was to illustrate how design was moving Birmingham forward:

My early years in Birmingham were spent with close friends who were in the same boat, growing up together, going through the same ups and downs but always together. The memories I have and friends I made there have crafted the person I am today. This feeling of community still continues across Birmingham today and art, design and free expression have the potential to unlock the playful creativity in every one of its inhabitants. This isn’t just a piece on how design has the ability to shape Birmingham but rather how Birmingham is shaping design. Through its honesty; its memories; its history; its graft; and its people who care and are willing to make a difference like no other.