Hellblade: Poster

Fan Art / Alt. Movie Poster

Developer: Ninja Theory

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an absolute belter of a game. With a strong emphasis on storytelling and breathtaking visuals that get the heart pounding, it’s a rare game that’s high up in my Valhalla of videogame classics, and it’s worthy of your time too.

Garnering game awards – not to mention nominated for 9 BAFTA Games Awards – and respect from millions for its innovation and approach to mental health, it was a no-brainer that I created a movie poster for it… well, not just one, but a triptych.

1. Senua
2. The Darkness
3. Voices

Creating posters like these allows me to have a bit of fun whilst celebrating the game in my own way. This time around, I contacted developers Ninja Theory to see if they were able to add the posters to their store in order to have all the proceeds go to a mental health charity of their choosing (they did this with initial pre-order sales when the game was first released – brilliant and thoughtful). Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, this wasn’t possible despite the level of interest from fans. Again, unfortunate but understandable.

So… I’ll be making the high resolution files available to download for free on my site very soon.

All images are taken in-game using Nvidia’s Ansel technology for super hi-res screenshots, then edited heavily in Photoshop for a super dark finish.