I Choose Birmingham

Brand in motion

Client: I Choose Birmingham

I’ve been receiving newsletters from I Choose Birmingham for a while now. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to their mailing list here.

Quality editorial direct to the inboxes of 17,000 readers, their award-winning weekly e-mail reveals the best in culture, food, bars, films, entertainment and exhibitions, in and around Birmingham! – their words. All true.

Been a big fan of their branding (designed by the super talented Paul Felton / Common Curiosity), particularly the beautiful variations of the logo within their newsletter headers, so… I got in touch with them and asked if I could animate the logo… and they said yes. Then I had fun. In that order. See below.

A big thank you to Tom Cullen over at I Choose Birmingham and a massive thank you to Paul Felton for supplying me with all of the original assets and sending me the nicest emails.

It’s nice when little ideas come into fruition and the people you contact are totally on-board. Big up Birmingham. Big and beautiful things are happening.


Identity: Common Curiosity
Motion: Pica