Star Citizen

Fan Art / Alt. Movie Poster

Client: Cloud Imperium Games

I’m loving Star Citizen and have high hopes for its future. To celebrate its achievements to date – artwork, programming, technological strides, community, sheer ambition, scale, scope and fidelity – I’ve created a poster, essentially promoting Star Citizen as a film.

Compiled with love and a tonne of screenshots (both taken through Geforce ShadowPlay and downloaded from the RSI site), plus an extra helping of skill and determination of course!

The credits are currently placeholder taken from my next SC poster project which will be for Squadron 42, hence the actors’ names. More on that soon… or when the game gets release, which probably won’t be soon actually. The date is just an estimated date I picked out the sky! I reckon it should say 2018 though…

The poster was featured on the official Star Citizen YouTube channel (Citizens of the Stars / MVP) and used as the poster/thumbnail for the specific episode.

More gaming posters soon…


Roberts Space Industries
Cloud Imperium Games