26.2 Art Project

To celebrate the Birmingham Marathon 2017, each mile of The Great Run International Birmingham Marathon has been represented with a bespoke A3 Poster designed by a professional artist. Each artist was given a mile of the marathon. The artists either live, work or have a strong relationship with Birmingham. The project is a collaboration between Adam Guy Studio and The Great Run Company.

I was given mile 10:

We run because we want to lose weight, to get fit, to compete, to beat our time, to beat someone else’s time. Running is requires time and effort – before we’ve even started, to the pains once we’ve finished. It’s tiring, but we run. We run because it makes us feel good. We take time for ourselves, to focus, to take stock of our day to day actions and to reorganise our cluttered minds.

In the case of the Birmingham Marathon, we take time to do things for others. We put our energy into generating positivity and joy, an endemic feeling throughout my hometown, now more than ever. Mile 10 celebrates the adrenaline rush, serotonin accelerant and endorphin release. The elevation in ourselves and a proud reminder of where the city is heading.