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Client: NFType

An NFTypeface™ is a font that is designed to be visually unique across its character set. This is achieved by using a combination of modular design and generative scripts. Each version of an NFTypeface™ can only be owned by one person at a time, and this ownership is recorded and verified on a digital ledger called a blockchain.

The™ platform is designed to address issues such as the commoditization of type design and font piracy. It also aims to update the financial model for type design, enabling designers to be paid for the sale of their NFTypefaces™ and to sell fonts that they no longer need.

The project is the brainchild of independent Design Director / Creative Director Craig Ward – creator of the Pixelcurve NFTypeface™ (promo vid also below) – and is currently in development. NFTypefaces™ are due to be released soon exclusively through selected partner NFT marketplace partners.

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Art Direction + Motion: Craig Ward x Pica
Studios/Designers Featured: Cihan Tamti, Craig Ward, Sawdust, Studio Build, Zipeng Zhu