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Client: Noclip

Noclip is a crowdfunded YouTube channel that films and produces documentaries that explore the history and design of video games.

Their documentaries are accessible to all viewers, fully captioned, and self-funded. Their mission is to convey genuine stories about video games, the individuals who develop them, and those who engage with them. Their work is supported by a group of Patrons and is free from sponsored content.

When Noclip isn’t producing documentaries for their main channel, they engage in a variety of activities on their Noclip Crew channel. These activities include classic Let’s Plays, crafting video essays, offering glimpses behind the scenes, providing quick overviews of recent games, and much more.

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Instagram: @noclipvideo
YouTube | Noclip: NoclipVideo⁠ / Noclip CREW: NoclipCrewVideo⁠