Gousto: Social Ads

Social ad campaigns

Client: Gousto
Website: gousto.co.uk

Gousto is a recipe box company whose aim is to make it simple to cook good food at home, delivering easy-to-follow recipes and perfectly measured ingredients to your front door.

To promote the ease of delivery, preparation and and super high quality meals and recipes, social media ads were created. With a maximum of 15 seconds in run-time for Instagram stories, it was important to communicate the message quickly and effectively, chopping up audio and footage coherently whilst ensuring copy lines were easy to digest. Images also received extra attention via a forced parallax treatment, adding depth and a bit of playfulness to each dish.

Alongside the social promos, Gousto’s sustainability team work tirelessly to reduce the impact of food waste on the environment. As part of Gousto’s pledge to reduce 50% of their plastic packaging within their boxes by the end of 2019, a short motion piece was created to highlight the issue and launch the initiative with the final cut being featured across social channels and environmental blogs.

Art Direction: Gousto x Pica